At the Scene

If you are involved in a car accident, the first concern should always be the well being of the drivers and passengers. Be sure to put on your hazard lights and, if it is safe to do so, move your vehicles out of the line of traffic.

  1. Call 911 regardless of the seriousness of the accident. This will help ensure the safety of those involved as well as begin the most accurate documentation of the accident  that can minimize potential financial headaches, even for a fender bender.
  2. Exchange information. Some municipalities can take up to a week to make the accident report available, so it’s good to have the other driver’s information on hand, including name, address, phone number or email address, insurance information and vehicle information. If the vehicle owner is different from the driver, try to get the owner’s information as well.
  3. Call your insurance company. They will be able to quickly advise you of your coverage, including towing assistance and repair shop recommendations.

Your insurance company’s website will undoubtedly provide detailed information regarding the steps to take when in an accident. You can also find helpful information at these sites:

Amica Mutual Insurance Company – Auto Accident Checklist

Liberty Mutual – What to Do – and Not to Do – After a Car Accident

USAA – Vehicle Accident Checklist


Auto Accidents in Rhode Island

The DMV in Rhode Island does not require an accident report to be filed by drivers involved in auto accidents, as the state receives a daily Crash Report from each municipality. Therefore, if you do not call the police when you have an accident and after the fact want to involve your insurance company, you would need to go to the police department in the city or town where the accident occured and file the report.

An accident report must be file in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts if the accident causes injury or death or damage of either vehicle in excess of $1,000,

In Rhode Island a report must be filed within 21 days.

Accessing an accident report for accidents in Rhode Island can be done online or by mail request, through the R. I. State Police.



Auto Accidents in Massachusetts

Drivers involved in an accident in Massachusetts, where the accident causes injury or death or damage of either vehicle in excess of $1,000.00, are required to file a report must be filed within 5 days of the accident.



Steps in Process

Accident – call insurance company

Find body shop (all electronic processing) – paperwork is done through insurance

Drop off car, A1 arranges rental car, choose communication methods – DRP has platform for email or text for on-line status, text repair status

Handling the claim – no negotiating with the insurance companies, no need to schedule and attend appointments.  Call and arrange appraiser (going to the drive in appraiser is like going to court without a lawyer) – “inside claims adjusters” – sends appraiser – they meet with Dennis – estimate the damage and negotiate a repair figure (regardless of additional parts or labor

Upon completion of repairs, customer comes with rental and a1 handles rental car return